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Wednesday, 21 August 2002
Page: 3479

Senator IAN CAMPBELL (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer) (3:56 PM) —by leave—I refer to the order of the Senate of 20 August directing the tabling of two documents relating to live cattle exports. The first document sought under the order—moved successfully by Senator Bartlett from the Australian Democrats—is a livestock officer's report for the Jordanian vessel the Maysora, which, it was claimed, departed Australia on 28 February 2001. The Minister for Transport and Regional Services has advised that no Jordanian flagged vessel named the Maysora travelled from Australia on 28 February 2001. It may help the Senate to know that a Bahamas registered vessel—the Maysora—arrived in Jordan on 28 February 2001.

Any livestock officer's report is a private document provided to Livecorp, the body which oversees Australia's live export industry. The report is not provided to the government; therefore, the government is unable to provide the document to the Senate. If the Senate would like a copy of the report it will have to make an approach to Livecorp. The second document sought is the master's report for the Maysora. The minister is unable to agree to the publication of the master's report from that voyage. It includes commercial information which he is advised could unreasonably damage the vessel owners' business if disclosed.