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Monday, 24 June 2002
Page: 2477

Senator LUDWIG (Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate) (8:37 PM) —I am simply trying to help Senator Brown. As I understand it, going back to the original bill, part 5.3, terrorism, division 100.1, subparagraph 2(c) says `endangers a person's life other than the life of the person taking the action'. I do not know whether you had in mind looking at that provision, but it seems to be already in the current bill. Then, looking at the definition that the government is proposing at page 009 of the pack, page 7 of the actual amendment, and going to 2(c) at the bottom—

Senator LUDWIG —No. While I was on my feet, I was going to go back and raise another issue. But, if you are going to move an amendment to the government's amendment, you might perhaps write it down and circulate it in the chamber so that we can see what it is. I also take you to your view of `intimidating the public or a section of the public'. I have to say it is a long bow to draw the final conclusion that you have as to the meaning of `intimidating the public or a section of the public'. The view supported by The Oxford English Dictionary would be `to frighten or overawe'. I do not know whether that definition of `intimidating' comforts the direction which you seek to take. I just do not think that definition stretches as far as you would like it to stretch.