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Wednesday, 15 May 2002
Page: 1528
[12:39 PM]

The Senate divided.

(The President—Senator the Hon. Margaret Reid)

DIVISION:AYES 36 (4 majority) NOES 32 PAIRS 0
Allison, L.F.Bartlett, A.J.J.
Bishop, T.M.Bolkus, N.
Bourne, V.W.Brown, B.J.
Buckland, G.Campbell, G.
Cherry, J.C.Collins, J.M.A.
Conroy, S.M.Cook, P.F.S.
Cooney, B.C.Crossin, P.M.
Crowley, R.A.Evans, C.V.
Faulkner, J.P.Forshaw, M.G.
Gibbs, B.Greig, B.
Hogg, J.J.Hutchins, S.P.
Lees, M.H.Ludwig, J.W.
Lundy, K.A.Mackay, S.M. *
McLucas, J.E.Murphy, S.M.
Murray, A.J.M.O'Brien, K.W.K.
Ray, R.F.Ridgeway, A.D.
Schacht, C.C.Sherry, N.J.
Stott Despoja, N.West, S.M.
Abetz, E.Alston, R.K.R.
Barnett, G.Boswell, R.L.D.
Brandis, G.H.Chapman, H.G.P.
Colbeck, R.Coonan, H.L.
Crane, A.W.Eggleston, A.
Ellison, C.M.Ferguson, A.B.
Ferris, J.M.Heffernan, W.
Herron, J.J.Hill, R.M.
Kemp, C.R.Knowles, S.C.
Lightfoot, P.R.Macdonald, J.A.L.
Mason, B.J.McGauran, J.J.J. *
Minchin, N.H.Patterson, K.C.
Payne, M.A.Reid, M.E.
Scullion, N.G.Tchen, T.
Tierney, J.W.Troeth, J.M.
Vanstone, A.E.Watson, J.O.W.
Carr, K.J.Macdonald, I.
Denman, K.J.Campbell, I.G.
McKiernan, J.P.Calvert, P.H.

* denotes teller

Question agreed to.