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Thursday, 30 August 2001
Page: 27158

Senator Faulkner asked the Minister for Family and Community Services, upon notice, on 25 July 2001:

(1) Have there been any laptop computers lost or stolen from the possession of any officer of the department and/or agencies within the portfolio during the 2000-01 financial year; if so: (a) how many have been lost; (b) how many have been stolen; (c) what is the total value of these computers; (d) what is the average replacement value per computer; and (e) have these computers been recovered or replaced.

(2) Have the police been requested to investigate any of these incidents; if so: (a) how many were the subject of police investigation; (b) how many police investigations have been concluded; (c) in how many cases has legal action commenced; and (d) in how many cases has this action been concluded and with what result.

(3) How many of these lost or stolen computers had departmental documents, content or information other than operating software on their hard disc drives, floppy disc, CD Rom or any other storage device.

(4) (a) How many of the documents etc. in (3) were classified for security or any other purpose; and (b) if any, what was the security classification involved.

(5) (a) How many of the documents etc. in (3) have been recovered; and (b) how many documents etc. in (4) have been recovered.

(6) What departmental disciplinary or other actions have been taken in regard to the computers in (1) or in relation to the documents etc. in (3) or (4).

Senator Vanstone (Minister for Family and Community Services and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women) —The answer to the honourable senator's question for my portfolio including the Department, Centrelink, CRS Australia, Child Support Agency and Social Security Appeals Tribunal is as follows:

(1) Yes;

(a) Eight;

(b) Seventeen;

(c) $48,287;

(d) $4,003; and

(e) Ten.

(2) Yes;

(a) Nineteen matters reported to the police;

(b) Two;

(c) None; and

(d) See 2(c).

(3) Five.

(4) (a) None; and

(b) N/A - see 4(a).

(5) (a) None; and

(b) N/A - see 4(a).

(6) No disciplinary action, but one officer given a warning.