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Tuesday, 26 June 2001
Page: 25104

Senator WOODLEY (5:15 PM) —Very briefly, in reply to the minister: in all of this debate, the problem is that we have not asked any other applicant for DSAP payments to prove that they have had a drop in income; it was based on their production at a certain time. All other applicants simply had to prove that they were engaged in the dairy industry and they had a certain production figure. That is why I am saying that to require these particular applicants to prove a number of things is, in fact, out of sync with the intention of the rest of the legislation. My preference was for the original amendments that were defeated, which I think were much clearer in their intent. But, as they were not acceptable—they were defeated—I am seeking another way of fulfilling the thrust of the original legislation as to its treatment of people who have been disadvantaged. I would remind you, Minister, that the major disadvantage in Victoria for lessors has been the exit of their lessees. There is documented evidence that over 70 per cent of lessees took the money, the major part of the package, and simply disappeared, which has left those lessors in a very difficult position. So I grant the argument that you are making. I am making a parallel argument, and I will simply leave it up to the chamber to decide.