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Wednesday, 29 November 2000
Page: 20139

Senator CALVERT (3:40 PM) —I present the 20th report of 2000 of the Selection of Bills Committee.

Ordered that the report be adopted.

Senator CALVERT —I seek leave to have the report incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The report read as follows


REPORT NO. 20 OF 2000

1. The committee met on 28 November 2000.

2. The committee resolved to recommend -

(a) That the following bills be referred to committees as follows:

Bill title

Stage at which referred

Legislation committee

Reporting date

Charter of Political Honesty Bill 2000Electoral Amendment (Political Honesty) Bill (see Appendix 1 for a statement of reasons for referral)


Finance and Public Administration

24 May 2001

(b) That the following bills not be referred to committees:

· Auditor of Parliamentary Allowances and Entitlements Bill 2000

· Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of the Reserves and Modernisation) Bill 2000

· Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Bill 2000

The committee recommends accordingly.

3. The committee deferred consideration of the following bills to the next meeting:

(deferred from meeting of 15 August 2000)

· Trade Practices Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

· Treasury Legislation Amendment (Application of Criminal Code) Bill 2000

(deferred from meeting of 5 September 2000)

· Maritime Legislation Amendment Bill 2000

(deferred from meeting of 3 October 2000)

· Human Rights (Mandatory Sentencing for Property Offences) Bill 2000

(deferred from meeting of 31 October 2000)

· International Monetary Agreements Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2000

(Paul Calvert)


29 November 2000


Appendix 1

Proposal to refer a bill to a committee

Name of bill(s):

Charter of Political Honesty Bill 2000

Electoral Amendment (Political Honesty) Bill 2000

Reasons for referral/principal issues for consideration

To examine the effectiveness of the bills in meeting community expectations for the monitoring and enforcement of electoral and parliamentary standards; whether the bills meet international standards of accountability; and the practicality of the proposed mechanisms.

Possible submissions or evidence from:

Federal political parties

Australian National Audit Office

Department of the Senate

St James Ethics Centre

Specialist academics


Business Council of Australia

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Committee to which bill is referred:

Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee

Possible hearing date:

Possible reporting date(s): As soon as practicable.

(signed) Vicki Bourne