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Thursday, 31 August 2000
Page: 17051

Senator BROWN (10:50 AM) —I do not believe that. We were told that a new manual would be ready to be brought in as soon as this legislation was through. That will be tonight. What the minister is saying is that there is a manual there that we cannot see because it is not finished, but it will be ready in the morning. I do not accept that situation. I think a lot of work has been done on that manual. I think we are being foxed, and that is not good enough. I believe there is a lot of secrecy being indulged in here. The parliament needs to know what it is dealing with.

The minister says that this manual comes from the 1920s. It is dated 1983. It is the current manual in place. It will not be in place with the passage of this legislation. I want to see the new manual. That is commonsense. I do not accept that somebody is still changing the rules and does not have a manual in place that would be the one we would be dealing with if the government's legislation, as it stands, gets through. I am satisfied that there may be some changes if there are amendments made in the Senate. But I believe that manual is there. I believe it has been drawn up to meet the provisions of the legislation as it stands and that the Senate should see it.