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Wednesday, 30 August 2000
Page: 17004

Senator CALVERT (7:54 PM) —I wish to correct the record. In the other place at 6.10 p.m. yesterday, Mr Duncan Kerr, the member for Denison, quite graciously corrected the record on some concerns and matters he raised about my so-called activities in branch stacking in Tasmania. I defended myself on 22 June and, in conclusion, I said that the member for Denison had misled the parliament and the media. He said last night in the other place that he had made a mistake. Whilst not apologising directly, he corrected the record, as he promised me he would. And I thank him for that. He also said:

... I thought it would be appropriate for me to at least mention that and to indicate that any awkwardness that I caused him I certainly withdraw.

I suggest that I have been vindicated. I would like to thank Mr Kerr for correcting what he said. At the same time, I was quite incorrectly quoted by the media. I am not holding my breath for the ABC to correct their statement. In my reply, I did mention two very strong members of the Liberal Party—Mr Brendan Blomeley and Mr Steven Mavrigiannakis. I certainly did not mean to impugn their integrity. I repeat: they are both very good members of the Liberal Party. They are very solid workers. What I said on 22 June was in no way meant to impugn their integrity. I hope that clears up that misunderstanding. The member for Denison has corrected the record. I appreciate that. I do not expect the ABC will; they never do.