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Monday, 28 August 2000
Page: 16775

Senator HARRIS (9:25 PM) —I believe the minister has adequately covered the question that I had in relation to proposed section 35, dealing with tobacco stored as leaf, so I will move on to part IVA, `Control of tobacco seed, plant and leaf'. That contains proposed section 44, `Permission to move tobacco leaf'. Proposed section 44(1) states:

The Collector may give written permission to a person specified in the permission to move tobacco leaf from a place specified in the permission to another place so specified.

Proposed section 44(2) states:

It is a requirement of the permission that a tobacco bale label must be affixed to the tobacco leaf at all times when the tobacco leaf is not at premises specified in a manufacturer licence, producer licence or dealer licence, unless the Collector has given additional written permission that it need not have a tobacco bale label.

The point that I am raising here is that we have within the industry in Mareeba a situation where a person will rent out spare drying units and then will need to move that tobacco leaf, which is still in the drying rack, to a place where they are actually going to grade it. It has to be graded before it is baled. Can the minister give us an assurance about those people who are in the lawful process of moving tobacco leaf that they have dried from one particular drying shed to an area where they are going to grade it? At that time, it is not baled. Therefore, it would not be possible to attribute a bale label to it. Can we have from the minister an assurance that those people who are carrying out the legitimate business of producing tobacco are able to move the dried leaf from one premises to another without having the tobacco bale label attached—because at that point there is no bale?