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Wednesday, 21 June 2000
Page: 15372

Senator BOLKUS (5:11 PM) —We do not support the Democrat proposals here. We think a body of 10 is too unwieldy. Our proposal, which will be moved in a later part of this debate, is to have a trust of eight—once again to ensure that fine balance between Commonwealth and state—to ensure that the Commonwealth can provide the chair and three other persons, along with three persons to be nominated by New South Wales and one person to be nominated by the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council for essentially the same reasons as Senator Bartlett has placed on the record. We also provide for situations where there is a failure to nominate or there is a vacancy. But, as I said, we think a body of six, as put forward by the government, is too small and a body of 10, as I say, is too unwieldy. Our recommendation of a body of eight, constituted in the way that I have described, is reflected in amendments (1) and (2), which we will move straight after this.