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Thursday, 9 March 2000
Page: 12463

Senator Allison to move, on the next day of sitting:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) new hybrid electric drivetrain will be fitted into a functioning motor car, aXcessaustralia LEV, by the middle of 2000,

(ii) it is predicted that the car will halve motorists' fuel bills,

(iii) the car should also slash city air pollution, and

(iv) Australia is one of only ten countries in the world that can style, design, engineer and manufacture most components of the modern car, therefore allowing Australia a unique export market;

(b) congratulates the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and CMC Power Systems for their work on the hybrid electric drivetrain;

(c) encourage the Government to continue funding this project and other projects that will reduce air pollution; and

(d) encourages Federal parliamentarians to view the car when it is launched late May 2000.

Senator Harris to move, on the next day of sitting:

That the Northern Prawn Fishery Amendment Management Plan 1999 (No. NPF 02), made under subsection 20(1) of the Fisheries Management Act 1991, be disallowed.

Senator Hogg to move, on the next day of sitting:

That the Senate notes that:

(a) it is 32 days since former Senator Parer resigned as a senator for the State of Queensland;

(b) the Queensland Liberal Party has said that it will not select a replacement for Senator Parer until 30 April 2000, another 49 days (a total of 81 days since Senator Parer's resignation);

(c) at the Queensland Liberal Party's request, the Queensland State Parliament will not be asked to appoint a replacement for Senator Parer until 16 May 2000 (a total of 97 days since Senator Parer's resignation);

(d) the day of swearing-in of the successor to Senator Parer would be 5 June 2000 at the earliest (a total of 117 days since Senator Parer's resignation); and

(e) the people of the State of Queensland have been denied their full Senate representation by the lethargy of the Queensland Liberal Party in appointing a successor to Senator Parer.

Senator Allison to move, on the next day of sitting:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Albert Park, Melbourne, on the weekend of 11 and 12 March 2000, has in 4 years used $100 million of public money that could have been diverted to Victoria's hospitals, schools or public transport,

(ii) the race broadcasts a pro-tobacco message to millions of viewers worldwide, and

(iii) Government contracts with the organisers and between statutory authorities, in particular the levels of taxpayer subsidy, are shrouded in secrecy;

(b) condemns the Minister for Health and Aged Care (Dr Wooldridge) for granting the event an exemption from the ban on tobacco advertising, despite an annual 18 000 smoking-related deaths in Australia; and

(c) urges the Government to retract this exemption.

Senator Allison to move, on the next day of sitting:

That the following matters be referred to the Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee for inquiry and report by 8 June 2000:

(a) the likely social effects on rural and regional communities of Telstra staff reductions over the next 2 years;

(b) the likely impact of Telstra job cuts on telecommunications and data service levels for rural and regional communities; and

(c) the likely impact on the digital divide between rural and city telecommunication users.