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Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Page: 6149

Department of Health and Ageing

(Question No. 912)

Senator Boyce asked the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing, upon notice, on 16 August 2011:

With reference to the following answers to questions taken on notice during the 2011-12 Budget estimates hearings of the Community Affairs Legislation Committee:

(1)Question no. E11-392:

(a) what is the value of the consultancies contracts for the 2010-11 financial year;

(b) how many consultancies contracts were undertaken for each of the following financial years, 2008-09 and 2009-10, and for each contract what was its value; and

(c) how many staff were employed in each of the following financial years 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.

(2) Question no. E11-433, in which $0.5 million was allocated to the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) to conduct a research study on staffing levels, skills mix and resident care needs in Australian aged care facilities:

(a) how much funding has the ANF received from the department since November 2007;

(b) can a breakdown be provided of that funding;

(c) to procure this funding, did the ANF take part in the usual tender process or grants process; and (d) have details of the $0.5 million grant been published on the AusTender site or the department’s Internet site; if so, when was it published; if not, why not.

Senator Ludwig: The Minister for Health and Ageing has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) (a) During 201-11, the Department entered into a total of 525 new consultancy contracts with a total value of $50,871,382.31.

(b) The Department entered into a total of 451 and 429 consultancy contracts during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 financial years respectively. Details of individual contracts and their values can be found in Section 4.3 of the Department of Health and Ageing Annual reports for the relevant financial years. These reports can be accessed at the following link:

(c) The Department’s staff numbers are recorded as part of the Annual Report process for each financial year. Staff numbers for respective financial years are displayed below.


Staff Numbers







Staff numbers include:

Headcount figures of departmental staff at the end of each financial year (i.e 30 June)

Inoperative Staff

Staff employed at Australian Commission of Safety & Quality in Health Care. While externally funded, staff in this organisation are employed via the Department’

(2) (a) The Department has entered into nine (9) arrangements with ANF to the total value of $1,032,430.59 since 1 November 2007. These figures are according to the Department’s contract reporting system as at 25 August 2011.

(b) A breakdown of these nine contracts can be found at Attachment A.

(c) In the 2010-11 Budget, the Government announced that it would fund a body of research into the staffing inputs that are adequate to provide good quality care, supervision and support for particular resident profiles. The Department received a submission from the ANF which met the requirements of this research project and delivered value for money. A grant was then provided in accordance with the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines.

(d) Due to an administrative error, details of the grant provided to conduct a research study on staffing levels, skills mix and residential care needs were initially posted on the AusTender site on 14 July 2011, as opposed to the grants reporting webpage of the Department’s internet site. Details of the grant were removed from AusTender and published on the Department’s grants reporting webpage on 15 August 2011.


Contract No.

Vendor Name

Contract Start Date

Contract End Date

Contract Purpose

Contract Value


Australian Nursing Federation



To Support the Community Aged Care Workforce - Mainstream Round 1



Australian Nursing Federation



To Provide Support for Publishing "Nurses Paycheck" Through the ANF Website



Australian Nursing Federation



Funding Agreement with Standards Australia



Australian Nursing Federation



To Support the Coalition of National Nursing Organisations meetings



Australian Nursing Federation



To Develop an Evidence Base on Nursing in Primary Health Care



Australian Nursing Federation



To Provide Better Skills for Better Care Program Funds for Education & Training of Aged Care Workers



Australian Nursing Federation



To Provide Secretariat Services for the Coalition of National Nursing Organisations & Develop Framework for Nurse Credentialing



Australian Nursing Federation



To Provide Secretariat Services for the Coalition of National Nursing Organisations



Australian Nursing Federation



To Conduct a Research Study on Staffing Levels, Skills Mix, & Residential Care Needs in Australian Aged Care Facilities