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Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Page: 6129

Senator SHERRY (TasmaniaMinister Assisting on Deregulation and Public Sector Superannuation, Minister for Small Business and Minister Assisting the Minister for Tourism) (18:23): I am advised that the dep­artment will enter into consultations with those parties that are interested in particular acreage. I am not sure whether acreage is the correct term these days.

Senator Williams: It is acreage.

Senator SHERRY: Acreage, is it? It would do for you and me, but I am not sure what we would describe it as today in metrics. There is a public gazetting that takes place, so if an individual organisation wants to express a view at that point they would be able to do so. There would be consultations for organisations and individuals. Environ­ment departments obviously are interested as well as companies and other state depart­ments. Specifically I assume we are going to NGOs. I would have to take that part of it on notice. The officials are not aware whether there is any specific engagement or consult­ation with NGOs before gazettal.