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Monday, 29 November 1999
Page: 10988

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act—

Regional Council Election (Casual Vacancies) Amendment Rules 1999 (No. 1).

Zone Election Amendment Rules 1999 (No. 1).

Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Regulations—Civil Aviation Orders—

Amendment of section 20, dated 25 November 1999.

Exemption Nos CASA 37/1999, CASA 43/1999 and CASA 44/1999.

Instrument No. CASA 1073/99.

Corporations Act—Accounting Standard—

AASB 1015—Acquisitions of Assets.

AASB 1033—Presentation and Disclosure of Financial Instruments.

Currency Act—Currency Determination 1999 (No. 6).

Family Law Act—Rules of Court—Statutory Rules 1999 No. 279

Higher Education Funding Act—Determination under section 15—Determination No. T16 of 1999.

Lands Acquisition Act—Statements describing property acquired by agreement under sections 40 and 125 of the Act for specified public purposes [2].

Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Safeguards) Act—Regulations—Statutory Rules 1999 No. 278.

Product Rulings PR 1999/102 and PR 1999/103.

Superannuation Act 1990 —Declaration—Statutory Rules 1999 No. 277.

Taxation Rulings TR 1999/16 and TR 1999/17.

The following document was tabled pursuant to the order of the Senate of 1 December 1998:

Public servants—Accountability, rights and responsibilities—Statements of compliance—Departments—

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.


Attorney-General's portfolio agencies.

Finance and Administration.

Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

Joint House.