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Thursday, 14 October 1999
Page: 9698

Senator ELLISON (Special Minister of State) (11:32 AM) —I think I need to comment on those last remarks by Senator Allison. I think Senator Allison has misunderstood the government's position. The government has always indicated that it would consider the issue of reviewing parliamentary superannuation after legislation had been passed which dealt with parliamentary remuneration. This is not the legislation to be dealing with superannuation. We have always said that one should be dealt with first, and the other will follow once we know what we are dealing with in respect of salaries. When Senator Allison says that it should be dealt with holistically, that does not mean the government has said that it should be dealt with at the same time. The government has always said that one follows the other, and we have always said that we will consider the issue of parliamentary superannuation once parliamentary remuneration has been dealt with. There is nothing unclear about that. Our position has been constant throughout and quite transparent.