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Tuesday, 28 September 1999
Page: 9058

Senator CHRIS EVANS (5:39 PM) —I do not know that that fully answers my question. My question was: what accountability measures do we have to ensure that the $150 million or so each year that goes on the concessional resident supplement—which, when it was announced by the government, was for capital—is spent on capital? I understand that the minister is now saying that it is not only for capital. Is he therefore indicating that this is now a subsidy for care by the providers, because I thought that was made by a separate payment? My understanding, and that of the industry, was that these were funds provided for capital. If you are not saying that, I would appreciate your being a bit clearer about what the concessional resident supplement is for, what accountability measures are in place to ensure that the money is used for those purposes and where in the bill these provisions are made.