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Monday, 21 June 1999
Page: 5769

Senator MARK BISHOP (6:00 PM) —I thank the minister for his comment, but he has not really answered the question. When you look, for example, at the BARN program and Networking the Nation for local government in terms of the BARN program, there will be $10 million allocated to each of the states and in the local government funding for Networking the Nation there will be $6 million allocated to each of the states, with a few bob left over for the territories in respect of both the programs. You just outlined the program establishment process, if you like, dividing BITS into three separate programs. Once you take the $40 million out for the intelligent island program, that leaves $118 million. Do we simply divide the $118 million by six to work out the grant to each of the other states, or is it going to be done on some other basis?