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Tuesday, 25 May 1999
Page: 5359

Senator HARRADINE (9:11 PM) —I am just a bit concerned about this amendment. There are groups that are attempting to distribute, far and wide, prohibited material, potentially prohibited material, refused classification material or illegal material using email. We are not talking about private communications between a couple of people, in fact, over the email; we are talking about a quite deliberate attempt by these hard-core porn merchants, largely, to utilise the email to send unsolicited mail into the home. That mail, of itself, is of such a character as to be highly offensive. For example, I have one here. It comes by the email. You open up your machine and click on what is news, and here it is. It is actually `all teen, all hard core'. The description of the actual details of it, of course, would be offensive to this parliament and to the listeners. But this, having read the email, says, `You have a free membership.' Click the link, and you have got the material downloaded. A week's free trial and then, of course, you are hooked.

Senator Stott Despoja —Brian, have you seen the name of that site?

Senator HARRADINE —I will not tell you what the name is. But, quite seriously, this is of quite considerable concern to a large number of people, and I am sure it is going to be of concern to the Internet service providers. They do not want to see that sort of material stacking up in their system. Minister, I don't think I have shown this to you. If I have not, I apologise. I may have shown it to one of your officials. Will this amendment exempt this sort of material? I would have thought that maybe it would have been caught by the provisions of the clause we are talking about. If anybody else wants me to, I could ask that this be provided to the minister.