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Thursday, 28 May 1998
Page: 3376

Senator ELLISON (Schools, Vocational Education and Training) (3:04 PM) —On 14 May, Senator George Campbell asked me a question in relation to funding for training on the waterfront and associated questions. I seek leave to table that answer and incorporate it in Hansard .

Leave granted.

The answer read as follows

Senator George Campbell asked Senator Ellison:


(1) Has the federal government provided any funding for the training of any alternative stevedoring work force on the waterfront, either directly, such as per-head subsidies, or in any other way? If so, how much has been provided to date, when was the funding provided, who sought the funding and where was the training to be provided? Finally, was the training provider or providers fully accredited to provide such training?

(2) Has the federal government provided any training funding, either directly or indirectly, to or through the following companies: any Patrick Stevedores company, any Jamison company, P&C Stevedores, Barton Australia Pty Ltd. Fynwest Pty Ltd. International Port Services Training Group Pty Ltd or Container Terminal Management Services Ltd.?


Preliminary interrogation of the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA) payment systems reveals that:

(1) No training funding (grants, incentives or subsidies) has been provided for any alternative stevedoring work force.

(2) Of the companies referred to, the interrogation shows that:

- an amount of $3,000 was paid to Patrick—the Australian Stevedores, Fremantle in the form of an Entry Level Training employer incentives for two trainees who commenced their employment in July 1997; and

- a contract for $29,930 was entered between DEETYA and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in February 1997 to deliver Workplace English Language and Literacy training to workers at Patrick—the Australian Stevedores.