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Wednesday, 19 November 1997
Page: 9094

Senator HARRADINE(12.28 p.m.) —As I understand it, there was a huge number of amendments to the bill which were moved by the government in the House of Representatives.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator MacGibbon) —That is correct.

Senator HARRADINE —I would be grateful if the Leader of the Opposition would, in 48 words or less, provide the committee with a summary of why this amendment should be inserted here. I assume what he is saying is that, because of the amendments that have been adopted in the Public Service Act, these amendments should now be adopted here.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator MacGibbon) —Do you wish to oblige, Senator Faulkner?

Senator Faulkner —In what way would you like me to oblige, Mr Temporary Chairman?

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —To address Senator Harradine's question.

Senator Faulkner —I thought it was directed to the minister.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN —Was it directed to the minister? To the Leader of the Opposition, I thought—that is you.

Senator Faulkner —I am more than happy to address it, but because I thought it was addressed to the minister I did not actually hear it, Senator Harradine. You will have to try me again.

Senator HARRADINE —I am asking if you would give to the committee once again your reasons as to this amendment. It is the amendment on page 727 that we are dealing with, is it?

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Murphy) —Yes, Senator Harradine. That is right.

Senator HARRADINE —I would be grateful if the Leader of the Opposition could, in a more fulsome way, address the need for this amendment.