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Thursday, 30 October 1997
Page: 8419

Motion (by Senator Brown)—as amended by leave—not agreed to:

That the Senate—

(a)   notes the strong advocacy by Ms Cheryl Kernot, as former Leader of the Australian Democrats, of:

   (i)   mandatory targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions,

   (ii)   an end to uranium mining in Australia,

   (iii)   protection for wild forests, including Tasmania's rainforests, from woodchipping,

   (iv)   independence for Tibet and East Timor,

   (v)   not selling public enterprises into private hands,

   (vi)   banning the importation of nuclear technology,

   (vii)   helping close the gap between rich and poor through stringent tax reform and government intervention,

   (viii)   the Federal Government's revised industrial relations laws, and

(ix)   the Government's new fee structure for nursing homes;

(b)   calls on the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to:

   (i)   make it clear to the Australian electorate which of these policies, all of which contravene ALP policy, have been traded in favour of Ms Kernot or in favour of the ALP, and

   (ii)   make public what concessions or agreements have been discussed or traded with Ms Kernot in the lead-up to her defection from the Australian Democrats.