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Tuesday, 30 September 1997
Page: 7251

Senator NEWMAN (Minister for Social Security and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women)(6.45 p.m.) —Madam Chairman, I do have here a copy of payment types that I said I would obtain for the Senate. I table those. Senator Neal might find that helpful.

The reality is that Senator Neal's amendment would see flow-ons to all allowees, including single allowees without children. I have said already, but I do not know whether you heard me, a flow-on to single allowees without children would cost $401 million over four years. The government is not prepared to commit to that.

I think that this debate is not going to go very much further, Senator. We really have covered the ground several times over. There is a difference of opinion between what you would do now that you are in opposition, and what you did during the time you were in government. We are moving to protect pensioners, as we thought was your intention. We believe that, by putting the money in the forward estimates, we have provided for the flow-on which, traditionally, has gone to a large number of allowees. But we cannot accept your request.