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Thursday, 29 May 1997
Page: 3969

Senator MURRAY( 12.09 p.m.) —That is a useful point, but perhaps the minister could explain to us just how—

Senator Calvert —It's pretty useful for the fishermen.

Senator MURRAY —I can do without those remarks, Senator Calvert. I am trying to get some further information.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Patterson) —Senator Murray, just ignore the interjections.

Senator MURRAY —That is good advice. The question is: what is involved precisely with getting on the register? What I would like to know is: how difficult is it for a fishing company; how much money is involved; how long does it take; is it an easy thing to do; and is it something that any fishing vessel that was not on the register would find it worth while to do and could do it quickly and cheaply?