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Tuesday, 25 March 1997
Page: 2438

Senator ALLISON(10.04 p.m.) —I make the other point as well that section 3 of this clause provides that the RSA provider, having received notice that the employee wants to make that change, has 28 days to comply with the request. So it is simply asking for the same length of time to be given to an employee after receipt of documents as is provided for with the provider.

I think Senator Sherry's point is well made that we are not talking here about a normal financial transaction, an insurance policy or anything else. Each of those transactions would require the instigator, if you like, to have some knowledge of what they were doing, whereas in this case, as Senator Sherry correctly points out, this may all happen without the knowledge of the employee and certainly with not much understanding in some circumstances of what is going on.