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Tuesday, 25 March 1997
Page: 2430

Senator ALLISON(9.15 p.m.) —The Democrats will support opposition amendment No. 13. We think that that is self-explanatory and arises from the evidence given to the committee. We also support amendments Nos 14 and 15. We think that they will provide that a financial institution be satisfied that a potential applicant has received the necessary information.

We will also support amendment No. 16, because we think that this will keep RSA providers more honest and ensure that they are up to date. But the Democrats will not support amendment No. 17. We have our amendment No. 16, which we would prefer to substitute for that amendment. We do not think that this flows logically from the rest of the group of amendments that are put. Whilst we support a stronger disclosure regime, we think this may just be making it a little too difficult for RSAs to be opened up. I do not know whether we want an indication of the general support for these amendments to see whether it is worth while removing amendment No. 17 and considering that separately.