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Tuesday, 25 March 1997
Page: 2413

Senator SHERRY (Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate)(6.40 p.m.) —You have raised a critical point, Senator Kemp. You used the words—I do not want to misquote you, so I am just paraphrasing—`presumably a greater period of notice'; you said that `presumably there could be a higher interest rate—a higher return'.

Senator Kemp —`Could be'.

Senator SHERRY —`Could be', yes. That is an interesting assumption to make. Let us assume this is defeated. Will the ISC be carrying out any fundamental survey of that issue and the types of notice periods that will be required to be given by the financial institutions? Can you give us an undertaking that the ISC will conduct that research so that we do have some idea about the notice periods and how they relate to return?