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Monday, 17 March 1997
Page: 1537

Senator KEMP (Assistant Treasurer)(1.18 p.m.) —I have to say, Senator, you are supporting it for totally different reasons than those that Senator Harradine put up. I accept your right to support this amendment, but I have to say that the argument you have used is the total reverse of the argument that Senator Harradine used. Senator Harradine quoted a number of professional associations who were not rubbing their hands in glee, but who were unhappy with aspects of the bill.

Senator Margetts —Yes.

Senator KEMP —That is right. They were not rubbing their hands in glee, as you indicated. They have indicated to Senator Harradine that there are aspects of the bill which they are unhappy with. We have maintained that this bill has gone through a very long consultation process. I hear what you say, Senator.

Senator Margetts —No, you do not. You totally misinterpreted what I said.

Senator KEMP —No, I haven't. I will go back to Hansard . You said that they will be rubbing their hands in glee at this bill.

Senator Margetts —`Tax lawyers'! Watch my lips—`tax lawyers'!

Senator KEMP —`Rubbing their hands in glee'—that is what you said. I will go back to Hansard . Both of us will look with interest at what you said. The `rubbing their hands in glee' line was totally contrary to the line of Senator Harradine, who did not say that they were rubbing their hands in glee; he said that they are shaking them because they do not like it. I pointed out that all these issues have gone through the JCPA. There has been lots of discussion on this bill; it has had huge exposure. I do not know whether I can add much more to what I have already said. I respect your right to vote how you do. I see my words have failed to persuade you. A fair reading of Hansard would suggest that, in substance, you are supporting Senator Harradine's amendment for reasons which are quite different to those which he put forward. I would have to say that your reasons are almost the opposite to the reasons that he put forward.