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Monday, 18 November 1996
Page: 5569

Senator CAMPBELL (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer)(11.57 p.m.) —That is not what I said, Senator Childs. I did not suggest that. What you have just said—

Senator Childs —It's what's in the clause.

Senator CAMPBELL —No, it is not what is in the clause because, quite clearly, you have not read it. What you have just described is exactly what is happening under the industrial relations system designed and implemented by the Australian Labor Party and their friends in the ACTU. Clause 285B(4)(a) of government amendment No. 160—and you have either misread it, misunderstood it or misrepresented it, and I know, Senator Childs, you would not seek to do the latter—states:

. . . to produce documents of the kind mentioned in any of subparagraphs (3)(a)(i) to (iii) at the premises at which the employees work or at some other agreed place. . .

If there cannot be an agreement, if the employer says that you have to travel 500 miles to go to see them and the union or other representative does not like that, they can go to the commission and say that this employer is being unreasonable and the commission can demand that documents be produced. But the reference to `agreed place' is not agreed as per anybody else but basically that if it is reasonable there be an agreed place that that is where the records be produced.

That is what we are doing. It is a fair dinkum move and it is a step in the right direction. The situation you have just spent 10 minutes outlining is what has happened under your system. I commend the provision of the bill to the Senate. I ask the Senate to oppose opposition amendments Nos 9 and 10.