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Wednesday, 22 May 1996
Page: 944

Senator PARER (Minister for Resources and Energy)(5.52 p.m.) —The answer I gave today in response to the question is one that I can repeat for you. In that response I think I mentioned very briefly, senator, that when you were the minister for customs you were given the responsibility of following through the Conroy report.

Senator Schacht —Which I did.

Senator PARER —Partly.

Senator Schacht —No, fully.

Senator PARER —Not fully.

Senator Schacht —They went on strike, that is how full it was.

Senator PARER —You were prevented from doing so because of pressure put on you from third parties. You nearly did. You did part of it.

Senator Schacht —I did it all.

Senator PARER —With regard to funding and staff cuts, I did give a figure in the response I gave today but I have forgotten what that figure was. You might be right, Senator Cook. Basically, they will be efficiency cuts. They are being determined by the Chief Executive Officer of Customs.