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Monday, 29 August 1994
Page: 496

Senator BELL (4.35 p.m.) —The contrived bitterness derived from this matter is illustrated by Senator Campbell's concluding remarks about extending the debate to two hours. I do not understand his reference to that. This is a matter which has been debated, resolved and supported in the community. As a result, this motion stands loud and clear with the word `support'. If the Liberals want to spend two hours debating whether the word ought to be `support' or `understands', then that illustrates their position. The argument we had before hinged on one point presented by Senator Ferguson and other speakers in the debate: why single out one person? I will tell the Senate why Cathy Freeman needs to be singled out. It is because she was singled out by that buffoon Mr Tunstall.

Senator Campbell —Mr Acting Deputy President, I rise on a point of order. My point of order concerns relevance. We are debating my amendment to amend the speaking time. What Senator Bell is now saying is absolutely of no relevance to that motion whatsoever.

Senator BELL —What I have said so far is that there is no need to further extend this debate. The debate has already occurred, and I am illustrating that.

  The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Colston)—I remind the chamber that we have a procedural motion before us and we have an amendment to it. Any comments should be directed to those two matters.

Senator BELL —In directing my remarks to those two matters, I remind the Senate of what I have said already. This debate has had a fair hearing in the community. The community has judged the matter and has come out in full support of the actions. It needs no further time-wasting or bitterness in this chamber. The only reason why Cathy Freeman needs the support of this chamber and needs to be singled out in this manner is that she was singled out for attention by—I repeat—that buffoon Tunstall.