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Monday, 27 June 1994
Page: 2061

(Question No. 1409)

Senator Campbell asked the Minister representing the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, upon notice, on 23 May 1994:

  With reference to the answer to question on notice no.1316 in relation to Mr Chaney's role as the `mediator' on the Broome Crocodile Farm heritage protection application, and noting that paragraph (2) states that Mr Chaney, in his role as a staff member of the Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia, has worked on another consultancy for the department, please provide full details of the nature of that consultancy and a full breakdown of all costs associated with it.

Senator Collins —The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission has provided the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs with the following information in response to the honourable Senator's question:

  The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) engaged Mr Chaney's services on a consultancy basis in relation to the Task Force on Aboriginal Social Justice. The Task Force was established by the Premier of Western Australia in August 1993 to review the activities of the Western Australia Government in relation to the social conditions and development of Aboriginal people, and to recommend a strategy for implementation of the Government's program. The Task Force was asked to report back by March 1994.

  As the Review was of major long-term significance to ATSIC it was decided to engage a consultant with special skills and knowledge, with particular experience and sensitivity to inter-Government relations, to assist ATSIC in its dealings with the State Government and the Task Force throughout the term of the Review. ATSIC chose Mr Chaney, a former Federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, who is now a Research Fellow at the Graduate School of Management (GSM) at the University of Western Australia. ATSIC subsequently approached the GSM to engage the services of Mr Chaney from 24 September 1993 for a six month period and the contract agreed to was between ATSIC and the GSM.

  Mr Chaney's consultancy work with ATSIC was aimed at the following objectives:

  To provide appropriate material to the Task Force to ensure that consideration was given to the concerns about the roles of ATSIC, the State Government and Aboriginal people in the provision of services to Aboriginal communities;

  To provide effective liaison with the Task Force and relevant State and Commonwealth agencies to ensure that full consideration was given to these concerns.

  It was agreed that the GSM would undertake the consultancy on the basis of an overall fee of $30,000 for six months to 24 March 1994. The fee would be payable to the GSM and the breakdown of all costs associated with the consultancy is as follows:

Graduate School of Management—$20,000

University on-costs (24%)—$4,800

Secretarial support and outgoings—$5,200

  The Task Force Report was released at the end of April 1994. ATSIC has agreed to extend Mr Chaney's consultancy services for a further two months to assist and advise ATSIC in negotiations with the State Government and those agencies directly involved with Aboriginal Affairs in Western Australia. This extension has been agreed to under similar financial arrangements—that is, $10,000 for the two month period.