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Tuesday, 3 May 1994
Page: 98

(Question No. 1023)

Senator Campbell asked the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, upon notice, on 2 February 1994:

  (1) Please provide a state by state breakdown of how many vehicles the department leases through DAS Fleet.

  (2) Does the department own and/or lease any vehicles other than from DAS Fleet; if so, please provide: (a) a state by state breakdown of the number of vehicles; and (b) an agency by agency breakdown of the number of vehicles.

  (3) As servicing/maintenance and fleet management are no longer tied to DAS Fleet, does the department have contracts for these functions with private firms; if so, how many are serviced by private firms, please provide: (a) a state by state breakdown; and (b) an agency by agency breakdown.

  (4) What is the average cost of fleet maintenance agreements entered into by the department.

Senator Collins —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:











  (2) The department owns the following vehicles:

  (a) Two vehicles are situated at Maralinga, South Australia;

  (b) The two vehicles at Maralinga are owned by the Coal and Minerals Division.

  The Australian Geological Survey Organisation owns the following:

  4 x tandem wheel box trailers

  1 x special purpose trailer to transport `hover craft'

  1 x box trailer

  1 x tandem wheel office caravan

  AGSO hires some vehicles on a short term basis from DASFLEET where available or AVIS where DASFLEET short term vehicles are not available.

  (3) The department has no contracts for servicing/maintenance for the two vehicles located at Maralinga.

  AGSO does not have contracts for servicing/maintenance of vehicles with private firms. The majority of servicing is carried out `in house' by AGSO staff mechanics. Overflow work is carried out in the ACT by selected private firms. Most of these firms were included in the now expired DAS contract PZ0771 and are currently used by DASFLEET and ACT Government to handle overflow work. `In Field' servicing work is carried out either by AGSO field mechanics or, where no field mechanic is employed, by selected local service agents. It is policy that vehicles are placed with the appropriate dealer or agent, where possible.

  (4) No separate fleet maintenance agreements currently exist for fully maintained operating leases from DASFLEET. However, DASFLEET has advised that within its overall lease charge, the scheduled maintenance component averages $20.40 per standard passenger vehicle per month.