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Wednesday, 23 March 1994
Page: 2084

Senator COULTER (4.26 p.m.) —I seek to proceed first with amendments nos 1, 2, 3 and 4 to clause 53 for the reason that I outlined in my second reading speech. I shall briefly reiterate those reasons.

  By amending clause 53 we are seeking to remove the cap, the limit which is placed on the rebate scheme by government. We find it rather strange that a rebate would be made available but that the total amount in that rebate would be limited and people would have to apply to get a rebate. It is quite unlike most other rebates, tax deductions or anything else that apply in this area of law.

  If those series of amendments are not accepted, then we do not intend to proceed with the amendments to the other clauses, including clause 52, which would extend the application of the rebate scheme from the built heritage to the natural environment. As I explained, the reasons for that are that, if the amount is to be limited, we certainly do not want to limit the availability of the rebate scheme in the built heritage even further by extending it to the natural environment, even though the Heritage Commission and other bodies are in favour of such an extension but in favour of an extension under an expanded scheme. So I seek leave to proceed with the amendments to clause 53 first before dealing with clause 52.