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Tuesday, 5 May 1987
Page: 2304

Senator WALTERS(3.22) —I wish to ask a question on clause 4, which states:

Nothing in this Act shall be taken to require any action incompatible with the principles that employment matters should be dealt with on the basis of merit.

The CHAIRMAN —I do not think that is in clause 4. I think it is in clause 3, sub-clause (4). The Committee has already passed clause 3.

Senator WALTERS —I am sorry, I thought it was clause 4. I am sorry I mistook that.

Senator Chaney —I will be coming back to that because it is relevant to our interpretation of clause 6.

Senator WALTERS —If we are coming back to that clause I will be happy to wait until then.

Clauses agreed to.

Clause 6 (Contents of program).