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Tuesday, 18 November 1986
Page: 2423

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(8.50) —Madam Temporary Chairman, I have informed you, the Committee, and therefore Senator Walters, that there was no general announcement about the fact that one publication out of a total of 1,650 was not being proceeded with. I also informed the Committee, including Senator Walters, that the clients of the Bureau were informed about that.

Senator Walters —That is not the answer to the question I am asking. I am asking whether anything is replacing the Year Book. What will be made available to the people in replacement of it? I have asked now a half a dozen times.

Senator RYAN —As I have already informed the Committee, all the information which is gathered by the Bureau is published and therefore available to the public in a very large number of publications-in excess of 1,600. All the information that is gathered is available via that very large number of publications. The purpose of the Year Book was to bring together a consolidation of statistics which are available to the public in other publications. That particular consolidation will not be available but all the other separate publications containing all the other statistics will be available.