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Tuesday, 18 November 1986
Page: 2394

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(4.09) —I, like Senator Walters, would like to think that the Tasmanian situation was due to the greater honesty of Tasmanians. It is certainly partly due to the greater stability of the Tasmanian population. The Tasmanian population is a much less transient population. There are fewer what are called `risk beneficiaries' in Tasmania, although I believe that does not explain the whole difference. I will certainly seek an explanation for the whole difference. Part of that difference may be due to the different distribution of resources. The Australian Federal Police are not employed just to deal with social security fraud. They are employed to deal with other matters. It would be better for me to check with the Special Minister of State (Mr Young), who is responsible for the Federal Police, to obtain a more detailed response to Senator Walters. Part of the difference-I am sure that it is only part of it-is due to the fact that there are fewer transient groups, fewer groups at risk who are likely to get up to activities that would be drawn to the attention of the Federal Police. I cannot give any exact information on that this afternoon.