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Tuesday, 21 May 1985
Page: 2254

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(5.51) —Senator Baume has asked for my response to two matters which he seems to think are mutually exclusive. I do not. It is the case that I wish all members and senators to be aware of funds going to schools in their electorates and that I wish the Commonwealth Schools Commission to make the appropriate arrangements for that. It is also the case that I believe it is proper that announcements regarding government decisions should be made by members or supporters of the Government. I do not see those two requirements as being contradictory. Both of them are known to the Schools Commission. It is up to the Schools Commission to decide how to carry out those requests. It is perfectly feasible that there be a method of conveying information to members and senators which ensures both that an initial announcement about a grant is made by a Government member or senator, as the case may be, and that no member or senator has any difficulty in getting information about grants going into his or her electorate.