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Monday, 20 May 1985
Page: 2135

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services) —by leave-Senator Chaney was good enough to warn me that he was going to make a statement. Therefore, I also had some inquiries made.

Senator Haines —Don't be rude about anybody else or we'll be here all day on this.

Senator GRIMES —I say to the honourable senator that there are two groups in the community who can dish it out and should be able to take it-one is politicians and the other journalists. I hardly think that a remark such as the remark I made is much of a professional reflection on a journalist. I had some inquiries made after Senator Chaney spoke to me about the fact that Mr Breslin did not write the article. Indeed, that is true; he did not write it. I apologise for that much. However, Mr Blaikie gave the information concerned in the story to Mr Breslin, who gave it to another journalist, who wrote the story. So his hands are not completely clean in this matter. That is the information as I have it. I think that it is a bit much to suggest that I have in some way done something terrible to a journalist in suggesting that he might have connived in writing a story. Journalists do it every day of the week.