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Thursday, 16 May 1985
Page: 2110

Senator JACK EVANS(6.05) —Senator Chaney has raised a number of items. I believe that it might be in everybody's interests, if in the Committee stage, I address my remarks to each of the items to which he has referred. I would also like to pursue an amendment which has been distributed on behalf of the Australian Democrats and which would expand the activities of the Australian Customs Service. I am particularly interested in hearing the response of the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce, Senator Button, on the items raised by Senator Chaney. I was not aware that clause 17 was likely to cause some controversy. Because of that, I will resume my seat now to give the Minister the opportunity to respond, and to allow the legislation to proceed to the Committee stage, if we reach that point before the Senate adjourns. But I think it will be helpful if the Minister responds before the Senate adjourn.