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Friday, 10 May 1985
Page: 1721

Senator COLLARD(9.31) —I will explain the situation. Although I do not think my eloquence will persuade the Government, I would like the Minister for Finance (Senator Walsh) to understand what we are about. We are proposing that five additional members sit with the core members of the Australian Wheat Board Selection Committee in electing the specialist members. That is all those additional members would do. The core committee, plus five members from each State, would then select one person from each State. The Committee would not consist of the five original members plus five additional members from each State. The Committee would consist of just the core members and, for example, five members from Queensland who would select one representative from Queensland. The same situation would apply to New South Wales and so on for those States participating. The five members from the Wheat Board with the core committee members would just select the specialist members.