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Monday, 8 October 1984
Page: 1395

Senator PETER RAE(5.21) —I move:

That the Senate take note of the paper.

I wish to refer to the disappointment which I am sure is shared by a wide cross- section of people in Australia that the Government did not see fit to accept the recommendations of the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission on the development of fisheries courses in Australia. The Commission recommended for the first year of the triennium an expenditure of half a million dollars and then increasing amounts over the remainder of the triennium. There was considerable anticipation that that development would take place in Tasmania as part of the wide variety of marine-related developments which are centred in that State, varying from the Australian Maritime College to the Antarctic base, and including, as it does, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's fisheries research development there and a wide cross-section of other marine-related and fisheries-related facilities.

I trust that this matter will be reconsidered by the Government and that marine science will be facilitated in its development, not only at the northern division or tropical division and the sub-tropical division of the Australian Institute of Marine Science at Townsville but also through the development of what is sometimes referred to as southern aims, that there should also be a southern division. Whilst the Victorian Institute of Marine Science has done an extremely valuable job in carrying out research, particularly with regard to Bass Strait, there is a need for much wider research and development in relation to the temperate and sub-Antarctic waters, going right through to the development of much greater science and technology for the utilisation of the krill fishery in the sub-Antarctic waters.

I hope that in the near future we shall see a change of approach which will enable a much more sophisticated development of fish technology, fishing technology and fish processing technology, as well as other aspects of the development of marine science.

Question resolved in the affirmative.