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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
Page: 4747

The Committee divided. [18:43]

(The Chairman—Senator Parry)

DIVISION:NOES 37 (6 majority) AYES 31 PAIRS 3
Abetz, EBernardi, C
Birmingham, SJBoswell, RLD
Boyce, SKBushby, DC (teller)
Cash, MCColbeck, R
Cormann, MEdwards, S
Eggleston, AFawcett, DJ
Fierravanti-Wells, CFifield, MP
Humphries, GJohnston, D
Joyce, BKroger, H
Macdonald, IDMadigan, JJ
Mason, BMcKenzie, B
Nash, FParry, S
Payne, MARonaldson, M
Ryan, SMScullion, NG
Sinodinos, ASmith, D
Williams, JR
Bilyk, CLBishop, TM
Brown, CLCameron, DN
Carr, KJCarr, RJ
Collins, JMACrossin, P
Di Natale, REvans, C
Farrell, DFaulkner, J
Furner, MLGallacher, AM
Hanson-Young, SCHogg, JJ
Ludlam, SLudwig, JW
Lundy, KAMarshall, GM
McEwen, A (teller)McLucas, J
Milne, CMoore, CM
Polley, HPratt, LC
Rhiannon, LSingh, LM
Stephens, USterle, G
Thistlethwaite, MThorp, LE
Urquhart, AEWaters, LJ
Whish-Wilson, PSWong, P
Wright, PL
Back, CJFeeney, D
Fisher, MSiewert, R
Heffernan, WConroy, S

Question negatived.