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Thursday, 15 September 2011
Page: 10324

Mr RIPOLL (Oxley) (13:55): I want to respond to a Football Queensland press release this week as it refers to me. Football Queensland just do not get it. I have decided to make an issue of the Football Queensland team wear program because the program no longer delivers on any of its declared objectives and does not deliver value for money. That is bad for the game, bad for the clubs, bad for the players and bad for the mums and dads who pay too much for gear. I am not alone in this view. Do not worry about my views; go straight to the views and actions of the ACCC. The ACCC has made it clear in its process now to revoke the special exemption from prosecution granted to Football Queensland to run its licensing scheme for the team wear program.

According to its own charter, Football Queensland's team wear program categorically fails to do the things it is meant to do. It has failed to ensure a minimum standard of quality, it has failed in the timely supply of apparel and equipment and it has failed particularly in keeping costs low. It certainly may have promoted the image of the game and returned revenue to Football Queensland, but it has not done anything else.

Football Queensland should now focus all its energy and resources to meet its charter and responsibilities to football and the players. Football Queensland should provide also to the ACCC the financial data that it has been seeking for about three years. Today I want Football Queensland to do what I am doing, and that is focus on the code, the players and the teams. It should stop focusing on itself and its own importance. With special powers and exemptions from normal business practices of fair play and natural justice comes special responsibilities. To date Football Queensland has failed that test. The ball is now in its court. It is up to Football Queensland to address the concerns of the ACCC, to get its house in order and to do the right thing by the code and the players.