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Thursday, 12 May 2011
Page: 3891

Mr STEPHEN JONES (Throsby) (17:02): Greenhouse gases are one-third higher than before the Industrial Revolution and higher than at any time in the last 800,000 years. The last decade has been the hottest on record. In Australia, average temperatures have risen one per cent since 1910. Many countries have already moved to take action to reduce carbon pollution. The government has set up a process to look at this important issue through the Multi-Party—

Mr Pyne: Mr Deputy Speaker, I raise a point of order on procedure. The member for Throsby has already spoken on this motion. Usually with private members' business, when a private member's bill is moved and the question is put, obviously a speech can be in order. With respect to motions, usually a member is only allowed to comment when there is an amendment to the motion, when the wording has been varied, which is usually agreed to between both sides of the House but otherwise it is another debate. The member for Throsby appears to be engaging in a new rhetorical speech about his motion, which is not in the spirit of private members' business. I ask you to identify, from him, what exactly he thinks he is doing.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Hon. BC Scott ): I understand that he can speak for five minutes, but we will close the debate. The member for Throsby will be closing the debate.

Mr STEPHEN JONES: The government has set up a process to look at this important issue through the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee, because the government believes in the reality of climate change. This motion confirms the importance of us dealing with climate change and highlights the role of a carbon price in achieving that. As members know, the committee's work on the details of a scheme is continuing and will be announced shortly. In the interim, if they believe in climate change and are serious about this issue the opposition should support this motion. I call on all members of the House and urge them to do so.

Question put:

That the motion (Mr S Jones's) be agreed to.

The House divided. [5.09 pm]

(Speaker—Mr Harry Jenkins)

Question agreed to.