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Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Page: 8275

Mr HUNT (Flinders) (09:01): I seek leave to move a motion of censure against the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Leave not granted.

Mr HUNT: I move:

That so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the honourable member for Flinders from moving the following motion forthwith:

That this House censures the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency for:

(1) misleading the Parliament of Australia. In particular by claiming that the Leader of the Opposition recently amended Coalition policy regarding the use of taxpayers' funds for purchase of foreign carbon credits;

(2) misleading the Parliament by asserting that there was such a change when the original policy released on 2 February 2010 has a heading in bold blue font on page 14, "Direct Action in Australia, not Overseas, " and when that heading is followed by the express clear and absolute statement:

(a) "Labor's emissions trading scheme relies on extensive purchase of overseas CO2 emissions abatement to meet the 5 per cent emissions reduction target. This delivers no local environment benefit in Australia. In contrast, the Coalition's approach ensures that all abatement activity supported by the Emissions Reduction Fund to achieve the 5 per cent emissions reduction target will occur in Australia—delivering environmental benefits here rather than overseas."

(3). misleading the public about the effective carbon price in China. In particular by overstating the effective price in China by 1,000% on multiple occasions including 3 February 2011, 16 February 2011 and 9 March 2011 when the Minister's own department had found a figure 1/10 of that as early as 6 October 2010.

This minister has deliberately misled the parliament and it is part of a pattern of dishonesty and disrespect that the Australian people and parliament—

Mr Albanese: Mr Speaker, I rise to raise a point of order with regard to when a serious allegation is made as to a misleading of parliament. I seek your guidance with regard to the normal practice for raising it at the earliest opportunity. My understanding is that what the member for Flinders is moving here in the parliament relates to statements made by the minister during question time yesterday, during which time the member for Flinders was in the chamber and raised no objections to any of the statements.

Mr Pyne interjecting

The SPEAKER: I will take up as much time as I like, Manager of Opposition Business. There is no point of order. The member for Flinders, as I understand it—I do not have his suspension motion before me—has talked about misleading. His first remarks in support of the suspension motion were to talk about deliberate misleading. He will be very careful: this is a suspension motion.

Mr HUNT: We need to suspend standing orders to call this minister to account for misleading the parliament. The reason that is the case is that the minister has had before him for 18 months the coalition—

The SPEAKER: The member for Flinders will resume his seat.

Mr ALBANESE: As this is a stunt, I move:

That the member be no longer heard.

Question put.

The House divided. [09:09]

(The Speaker—Mr Harry Jenkins)

Question negatived.

The SPEAKER: The member's time has expired. The member for Sturt?

Mr PYNE: I move:

That the member for Flinders be granted an extension of time not exceeding five minutes.

Question put:






The House divided. [09:18]

(The Speaker—Mr Harry Jenkins)

Question agreed to.

The SPEAKER: The time allotted for the debate has expired.