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Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Page: 11985

Ms OWENS (Parramatta) (13:47):

Ms Owens simultaneously delivered her speech in Aus tralian Sign Language

I was pleased to celebrate National Week of Deaf People recently on Saturday in Parramatta at the deaf festival. This year's theme is 'With sign language rights, our children can!' This theme highlights the importance of deaf children needing to start to learn visual language at the same time hearing children start to learn verbal language. It was wonderful to see many families and friends celebrate the deaf community's strengths there at the deaf festival. We had a sudden surprise flash mob in Auslan. I joined in. I was not that good.

To Deaf Australia New South Wales and the Deaf Society of NSW, thanks for inviting me to join you at the deaf festival. It was a pleasure and, last but not least, thanks, Kate.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Irons ): I thank the member for Parramatta and congratulate her for fitting two speeches into one.