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Monday, 23 May 2011
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Australian Republic

To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives

This petition of the undersigned draws to the attention of the House that since the last politically biased, narrowly focused referendum on a Republic, demographics in Australia have changed.

Increasingly polls show many more Australians want a Republic either when the Queen finally steps down or sooner. Many people are not prepared to accept Prince Charles as our head of state.

Members of this house know, Britain is in a completely different geopolitical and economic region to Australia and as a consequence, both countries aspirations are different. In matters of foreign affairs, trade, defense, and even sport, etcetera, the Queen is obliged to put British interests ahead of those of Australia.

Increasingly, Britain, being a member of the European Union, is more closely aligned to Europe than to Australia.

Are the members of this Parliament prepared to put Australian interests second to those of another country by continuing to share an absent head of state with priority obligations not only to her own country but to those of Europe as well?

I therefore ask the house that if in future a motion be made, or a bill presented, for a referendum on a Republic at the next Federal Elections, (with other questions concerning a Republic), that such a motion or bill be decided by a conscience vote only.

from 1 citizen