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Thursday, 24 May 2012
Page: 5616

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (12:40): I am very pleased to talk about the government's achievements in community infrastructure. Just in my local electorate over the last 4½ years since I was elected, I have seen significant community infrastructure delivered. I am incredibly pleased and proud of the things that we have been able to deliver. I would like to go through some of the infrastructure that this federal government has been able to deliver to the local community. Previous governments have left it up to the state and local councils, but this government has really been helping to deliver community infrastructure.

First, I would like to talk about the Onkaparinga Rugby Union Football Club. The redevelopment of the Onkaparinga rugby club in my electorate was one of my election commitments in the 2007 election. I was pleased that $100,000 was committed to this important local project, which was completed in 2009. The upgrade was well overdue and critical to enabling the club to grow and attract new members.

I was also pleased recently to be at the opening of the Aldinga Recreation Centre. In 2007, families and residents of Aldinga made it very clear to me that they believed more recreational facilities needed to be established. Aldinga is a growing area with a lot of young families and young people, as well as older residents, who want some activity and a place to go to perhaps play sport or be involved in the community. I am so pleased that in 2009 the federal government delivered $2 million to the City of Onkaparinga to construct this recreation centre. I was pleased to be able to open the facility with the City of Onkaparinga this year. This will allow many young people in the region to participate in a wide range of sports, including basketball, netball, volleyball, soccer and badminton. The design is really exceptional and really exciting and has the capacity to expand as the population grows. This is a very exciting investment, once again delivered by this Labor government.

The Woodcroft Library and Neighbourhood Centre is a fantastic new facility in my electorate to which the federal Labor government contributed $750,000 as part of the Green Precincts program. This facility has best practice green design features that not only provide a sustainable library and meeting place but also demonstrate to local residents some ideas of how to make their homes more energy efficient and water efficient. Once again, there has been a really exciting partnership between local council and the federal government.

The Port Noarlunga foreshore redevelopment is one of the developments that was part of the stimulus money provided to local councils. Those on the other side have said this money was a waste. You tell that to the Port Noarlunga foreshore residents, who have been waiting for a redevelopment of the foreshore. Three million dollars was delivered to complete the development of the Port Noarlunga foreshore. Port Noarlunga is a beautiful place to visit. It is just wonderful. There is a reef out there and exciting opportunities for scuba diving and recreation. It is a wonderful area, but it was not very inviting. So the redevelopment of the foreshore has allowed it to become a much more open community space for people to enjoy. Along with the Witton Centre, which was redeveloped with state government and local council money, and the surf-lifesaving club, this is just a wonderful, beautiful facility that has enhanced our local environment.

There has also been the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program. This program has allowed investment in significant infrastructure, with 58 local infrastructure projects in round 1, including the redevelopment of the Hallett Cove Sports and Community Club kitchen, which was very important. In round 2, we saw five local infrastructure projects, including Bice Oval, Christies Beach, Willunga Recreation Park, construction of a dual-use path along Christies Creek linear trail and important upgrades of reserves. There were a number of others I did not get to, but I am so pleased that in this budget we have delivered funding of $3.4 million to the Hallett Cove Library and Community Centre. I have spoken about this a number of times, but Hallett Cove is a growing area along with Sheidow Park and Trott Park, and they need an upgrade to the community centre. I am so pleased that in this budget the Commonwealth is once again partnering with local councils and delivering the community infrastructure that is so desperately needed in my electorate.