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Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Page: 181

Paragon Printers: Tender

(Question No. 1598)

Mr Conroy asked the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, in writing, on 12 October 2015:

In respect of the $18,165.40 tender to Paragon Printers for 'Border Watch Merchandise' (CN3293324),

(a) can he provide details of:

   (i) the country of manufacture,

   (ii) the number of products ordered,

   (iii) the cost per item unit, and

   (iv) any other details about manufacture and/or cost, and

(b) what is the function of this merchandise.

Mr Dutton: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) Details:

   (i) The country of manufactured for each of the items ordered is as follows:

i. 2000 Border Watch Rulers: China

ii. 5000 Border Watch Pen: China

iii. 2500 Border Watch Mug: China

iv. 5000 Border Watch Drink bottle: Australia

v. 5000 Border Watch Fridge magnet: China

All items were printed in Australia.

   (ii) 19,500 units were ordered (please see breakdown above)

   (iii) The cost per item unit was as follows:

i. Border Watch Ruler: $1.20 (inc GST)

ii. Border Watch Pen: $0.85 (inc GST)

iii. Border Watch Mug: $4.39 (inc GST)

iv. Border Watch Drink bottle: $2.02 (inc GST)

v. Border Watch Fridge magnet: $0.28 (inc GST)

   (iv) There are no further details relevant to the manufacture and/or cost of these items.

(b) On 1 July 2015, Border Watch became the newly integrated Department of Immigration and Border Protection's hotline for members of the public to report specious border activities. Due to the rebranding of the Border Watch program as a result of the integration of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, new promotional material was required.

The material promotes awareness of the Border Watch program, and provides its telephone number to provide a conduit for industry and the public to report suspicious border activities. Community and industry awareness of this program, and the resulting reports of suspicious activities, have directly supported Australian Border Force operations, and led to the detection and seizure of dangerous drugs or other prohibited imports such as illegal firearms.