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Tuesday, 2 February 2016
Page: 179

Carroll and Richardson Flag World Pty Ltd: Tender

(Question No. 1596)

Mr Conroy asked the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, in writing, on 12 October 2015:

In respect of the $15,950.00 tender to Carroll and Richardson Flag World Pty Ltd for 'Australian Border Force Flags' (CN3293339),

(a) what number of products were ordered,

(b) what was the cost per item unit,

(c) was the Australian Border Force Flags (ABF) logo printed on these flags; if not, what was,

(d) where and how will these flags be used, and

(e) how do these flags enhance the operations of the ABF.

Mr Dutton: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection ordered 300 woven ABF flags, based on the Australian flag and in accordance with the ABF related Amendments of the Customs Regulations2015.

The ABF flag is used on various ABF assets, including vessels, aircraft and buildings. The Regulations state that the ensign (flag) for a Commonwealth ship in the service of the Australian Border Force is the 'Australian National Flag with the words "AUSTRALIAN BORDER FORCE" in bold, white letters between the Commonwealth Star and the lower part of the Southern Cross.'

There are no logos printed on these flags. The words "AUSTRALIAN BORDER FORCE are printed onto an Australian flag, and a matching print overlay is added on the reverse so that the words appear correct on both sides.

By law, ABF vessels must display this flag, which indicates the vessel is performing border protection duties as directed by Government. The former Customs flag was prescribed for use on the former Australian Customs and Border Protection Service assets, including vessels of varying sizes (Bay Class, Cape Class, inshore small craft) and on aircraft, and was also used outside and inside buildings.

The GST exclusive cost per item varied in accordance with the size of the flag, ranging from $41.00 for the smallest to $59.00 for the largest.